Teachers / instructors

We can accommodate up to 20 children for our summer camps, which are run by a close-knit team of educators.

5 adults are on-site for the duration of the stay (one adult per 5 children), allowing for a high level of quality, personalised attention.

The camps are family-run with a warm, friendly atmosphere, and the instructors who work with us are highly reliable, wonderful people.


Anouchka CURTIL

Anouchka is a qualified teacher with eight years teaching experience, including three at the French Lycée in Barcelona and two as head teacher at a school in a small village in the Alps. She is also a supply teacher at the French School in Reus.

Anouchka has boundless energy and plenty of imagination, which she uses to create and manage the summer camps’ programme of activities.

Equipped with a first aid certificate and after 17 years working with children, she is highly experienced in managing groups of young people and organising activities, as well as ensuring each child receives personalised support.

She also tends to her three daughters (Cyan, 7, Siurana, 5 and Tinaï, 2) as well as the land, the vegetable garden and all the animals. Which doesn’t leave her much time for her hobbies: painting, photography, botany, horse riding and dance.

Curriculum Vitae


Dominique CURTIL,

A musician with awards from the Lyon Conversatoire and a diploma in classical guitar,
Dominique continues to teach, perform and create music.

For five years he was a traditional karate instructor in the village of Cornudella.
An excellent cook, he can rustle up a meal for 20 in under an hour, or make a delicious chocolate mousse in the midst of summer camp activities.


Sonia Brun

French and trilingual (French, Spanish and English), Sonia is a qualified teacher who works part-time at the French Lycée in Barcelona and the French school Ferdinand Lesseps, also in Barcelona.

Holder of the French national instructors’ diploma (BAFA) since 1999, she has 20 years’ teaching and instructing experience under her belt. She is dynamic, positive, organised and has a wholly pedagogical approach to activities.

This year she’ll be bringing her skills, vitality and good humour to La Mandorla for another consecutive year.



Louisa HENNE,

A student in linguistics at the University of Grenoble, Louisa has the French national instructors’ diploma (BAFA) and 4 years’ experience working at La Mandorla

Elle viendra, cet été 2015, travailler en tant que monitrice à la Mandorla pour la 3 ème année consécutive.

Her calm nature, her ability to focus and her gentleness with the children are just some of her qualities. A native French speaker, she also speaks English and Spanish.

Curriculum Vitae


Each year we also have a young, enthusiastic assistant to help us.

In 2017 Marti Cirera came to give us a hand. A former pupil of the French Lycée in Barcelona and now studying philosophy at the University of Montpellier, Marti came to La Mandorla’s summer camps for several years as a child. This time he helped with the cooking and also used his talents for theatre to spice things up a little …

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