For your child to take part in camps at La Mandorla, you first need to become a member of our association, Tierra Altaï :

1 - To become a member of Tierra Altaï:

  - Complete the short questionnaire

  - Pay an annual family membership fee. This is necessary for all members in order to benefit from the association’s Accident and Civil Liability insurance.

--> see "become a member"


2 - Complete the registration form below

You can send us your child’s details initially without signing the form.

However, we require both parent’s signatures once your child is at La Mandorla. We therefore ask you to sign the form, place it in an envelope and pack it in your child’s suitcase before coming.

Registration Form

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

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Registration PDF (for download)


3 - Make a donation, monetary or in kind, in exchange for your child’s stay at La Mandorla.

The indicative price for a summer camp is €300.

-10% for a second child and for a second camp during the same school year

-15% for a third child and a second camp during the same school year

La Mandorla is different from traditional summer camp organisations as you are not paying for a service. Here, before signing your child up, parents must agree to the ethos behind the project.

Your annual membership fee, and your child’s participation in the camps, are a way of taking part in an educational project in the midst of nature.


Our bank account details to make a donation and finalise your child’s registration:

Association Tierra Altaï -La Caixa-

IBAN ES52 2100 0592 9302 0025 9814



 Please indicate the reason for your 2 bank transfers , e.g.:

- "Membership fee for the Smith family" 

- "Donation for Sarah Smith’s summer camp"



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