June: Sunday 24 to Friday 29 June 10 places available

(International week. Languages: French, Spanish, Catalan, English)

Nature and Survival
Making hammocks, gathering berries and edible plants, building a bivouac and a hide, orienteering, observation of constellations in the summer sky,

river swimming, cave exploration, sleeping under the stars …



4 camps in July: “Lands of Legends”

1st camp: Sunday 1 to Friday 6 July (3 places available)

  Avatar!            (Language: French)

Based on the film Avatar, immersion for a week in a new civilisation that lives in complete harmony with nature. Paying homage to the trees and connecting with the natural world, learning about plants, insects and birds, making bows and arrows, dyes and natural make-up, the invention of a new language and a final game acted out in the ancient rocks…

2nd camp: Sunday 8 to Friday 13 July (full!)
Pirates !         (Language: French)

Learning the songs and mottoes of famous pirates, observing local aquatic wildlife, working on signs and coded messages, making flags, miniature pirate ships, and huge rafts for… a fantastic naval battle on the lake!

Stay 3: Wolf children!

from Sunday 12 to Friday 17 July 
         ( french speaking )




From a Japanese animated film directed by Mamoru Hosoda.



Two children, half human, half wolves live between the world of men and wild life.



We will study wolves, fascinating mammals that have make dream all Europe with a lot of legends. But do we know their true nature?



Scientific observation of the surrounding nature (flowers, birds, insects ...)



Theater work, costumes and body expression with children.



Mystery, transformations, evenings under the stars

and a great role-playing game at dusk!


Your children can watch the movie in english before to come if they want!

Stay 4:

from Sunday July 19 to Friday July 24


From the very beautiful Botswana and South African film written and directed by the South African Jamie Uys, released in 1980.

A bottle of coca cola falls from an airplane and lands in an isolated tribe of Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, who has little contact with the rest of the world.

The tribe thinks it is a gift from the gods, but it will turn out to be a gift from the devil!

A week in complete harmony with nature and immersion in the tribal life of the African hunter-gatherer peoples.

Study of wild plants and archaic hunting techniques.

You will have to show ingenuity, solidarity and wisdom.

Philosophical reflections on life in society, the interaction between men, the need for possession, so present in our western societies ...

… We will also make a short film in our way! ...

Making masks, Samurai armour and wooden swords,

immersion in the secret and fascinating civilisation of ancient Japan,

martial arts training and work on breathing and self-control,

observing nature and the animals that inspired many kata, introduction to Bushido - the Samurai code of honour - and the Zen philosophy,

culminating in a big, multi-coloured battle with duels and calligraphy banners!


One camp in August:

5th camp: Sunday 26 to Friday 31 August
Thème : Adventures! ( 10 places disponibles)

Several nights under the stars, exploration, river fishing,

tracking wild animals, learning about Mediterranean plants, mammals and insects, cooking outdoors, introduction to geology and nature protection.

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