Our mission


  • Raise awareness of the richness and beauty of the natural world, and teach children about nature in order to better protect it.
  • Develop autonomy, resourcefulness, and the importance of helping others (the camp welcomes children of different ages).
  • Speak French! Help children improve their knowledge of the language (all the activities are in French), and enrich their elocution and vocabulary through stories and plays in our evening activities.


  • Express their artistic talents. Each child has seeds of creativity inside them that are just waiting to germinate …
  • Sharpen scientific and curious minds: carry out experiments, be open to surprise, and try and understand how things – and people! – work.
  • Discover other cultures (e.g. the nomads of Mongolia) and spark interest in the incredible diversity of traditional peoples.
  • Live at another pace, learn to take time, experience silence, open up to the space around us, and feel our freedom and joie de vivre.


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