In our increasingly fast-paced world, where landscapes appear as pixels on screens and are shared in all corners of the world, where we no longer know what’s on our plates, where silence is a rarity, and where we forget that there’s earth beneath our feet … La Mandorla is an oasis of calm and authenticity where you can learn, once again, to savour the taste of the real world.

Every week we make our own bread with patience, respect and using organic flour. The vegetables come from the garden, eggs from our hens, meat from our sheep who graze freely on our land, and water from the spring that we draw ourselves.

The buildings are light, have a low impact on the environment and are but a small barrier to the surrounding nature.

Living in the middle of nature reminds us of our fragile condition; we feel everything more keenly, in a more sensitive way: the wind, the sun, the cold, the rain, distances… And all that combines to keep our spirit awake, and sharpened.

We see the world as it is, without a filter: the changing colours of the mountains, the rustling of the leaves, the light in the vine leaves, or the birds at dawn.

Our daily chores tending the land and the animals are tough and often repetitive, but they make us patient, grateful and humble.

We are gradually equipping La Mandorla with facilities to be as self-sufficient as possible (a barn, a vegetable garden, solar panels, a system to collect rain water), to distance ourselves from an economic model where the transport of a product costs more than the product itself.

La Mandorla is an active member of the Priorat region’s Eco Network (Eco Xarxa del Priorat), which aims to create a local network for mutual assistance, exchange (services, organic products, social currency) and pioneering techniques for alternative ways of life.

It’s a place that nourishes us for what it is, where children learn once again to play with stones, soil and the branches of trees, where the need to consume gradually disappears – giving way to the simple pleasure of just being here.

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