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La Mandorla is the name of the site where our activities take place.

The association which governs the activities at La Mandorla is called Tierra Altaï, after the Altaï mountain massif situated at the confluence between Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. It’s also a play on words with the Spanish, “Tierra Alta” – High Land.




We are a non-profit making association and our statutes are as follows:

"- To explore and create connections with the different traditional cultures of the world.

- To develop interaction with different local partners and build a network of mutual support, bartering, and exchanges of knowledge and experience.

- To learn to live close to nature, and to respect it. With this in mind, the association organises pedagogical activities, and workshops or activities in nature with both adults and children.

- To encourage the development of artistic skills such as music, art, handicrafts, martial arts and other physical education disciplines.

- To promote initiatives that propose ways of life more respectful of nature, and open new horizons for local agriculture to become more ecological and sustainable.

To fulfil its mission, the association carries out the follow activities:

Conferences, workshops and classes or other educational activities; dinners, concerts and other artistic events; camps for children, teenagers and families; walks, excursions and any other activities in line with its objectives."



To become a member of the association, please choose one of the following options:

  • Individual membership: 25 euros
  • Family membership: 40 euros
  • Donor member: 60 euros

You can also make a donation for the amount you wish.


Our bank details are as follows:

 Association Tierra Altaï -La Caixa-

 IBAN ES52 2100 0592 9302 0025 9814



Please indicate the reason for your transfer, e.g.: “Membership fee for the Smith family”.

If signing up a child, for a camp, you need to pay a family membership fee indicating the name of one of the child’s parents, as a minor cannot be member of an association.

Being a member of the association means you are covered by the association’s Civil Liability Insurance when taking part in an activity at La Mandorla.


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