About us

The Tierra Altaï association was created to promote active awareness of nature, the environment, alternative agriculture and the ways of life of traditional peoples.

Dominique and Anouchka

In our early forties, we come from the Savoie region of France and have been living in Spain since 2002. Having grown up in the countryside, we are well aware of what it means to work on the land, and are familiar with wild flora and fauna.

In 2008 we bought 3.5 hectares of land – La Mandorla – and began to work here in 2009.

In 2010 we moved here permanently, combining our efforts to turn the land into a place of welcome, sharing and learning.

This requires a constant effort and presence. If we don’t collect wood in the winter there’s no heating; if we don’t store water, we can’t wash our dishes.

Fortunately, nature is kind and gives us what we need.



A musician with awards from the Lyon Conversatoire and a diploma in classical guitar, Dominique continues to teach, perform and create music.

For three years he was also a traditional karate instructor in the village of Cornudella.
An excellent cook, he can rustle up a meal for 20 in under an hour, or make a delicious chocolate mousse in the midst of summer camp activities.

He is also an accomplished handyman, especially working with wood (he built all the facilities at La Mandorla singlehandedly).

He has also learnt basic mechanics, plumbing and permaculture – necessary skills on the site.


Anouchka is a qualified teacher with eight years teaching experience, including three at the French Lycée in Barcelona and two as head teacher at a school in a small village in the French Alps. She is also a supply teacher at the French School in Reus.

Anouchka has boundless energy and plenty of imagination, which she uses to create and manage the summer camps’ programme of activities.

Equipped with a first aid certificate and after 17 years working with children, she is highly experienced in managing groups of young people and organising activities, as well as ensuring each child receives personalised support.

She also tends to her three daughters (Cyan, 8, Siurana, 6 and Tinaï, 3) as well as the land, the vegetable garden and all the animals. Which doesn’t leave her much time for her hobbies: painting, photography, botany, horse riding and dance.


Both, Anouchka and Dominique,

have travelled the world (Greece, Western USA, Finland, Mexico, Morocco, Mongolia, Russia, China, India, Eastern Europe) and learned from its different cultures. They are delighted to have a place to share their knowledge and passion with others.


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